Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Bill Stewart Summertime in five four

This will be the death of me. I will need to spend more time on this one. In the meantime here is some rough sketches.


Monday, July 29, 2019

Yardbird Suite Art Blakey drum chart impression

Dos Gardenias Drum set grooves

Witch Hunt Drum roadmap Wayne Shorter

stagger lee drum grooves from multiple recordings

Singin' the blues drum impressions Allan Toussant

Satin Doll drum roadmap

body and soul Ben Webster drum break

Cold Duck Time Poncho Sanchez Drum map

drum roadmap Lil Darlin' Count Basie

Purpose of this blog

Here I will publish my jazz
Vertigo Jazz Club, Poland 2018

drum transcriptions. Quick and dirty hand drawn scores of my impressions.



Two Snare Drum Cadences for Students

 These are transcriptions for students learning snare drum. The Kingston is from piece of sheet music I found, I've rewritten it in mode...